Sunday, May 29, 2011

Coastal Brake (Manual Remix) - Tycho

life have been pretty zen and enjoyful i guess. getting a decent break on all weekends, not needing to work until 12 in the morning and i would consider that pretty good for now.

probably this would be my working while having a holiday until i get back into something as drastic as my previous work place having one yelling at another from one place to the other.

funny but not funny in the same place.

things a going pretty slow and i have not gotten my pay must be a late pay this month. i hope they would pay me with cheque since i don't have the account of the bank they bank into. i'm running low in money and now it's starting to get painful since i miss the bus or i get pissed off every morning for not waking up at the right time nor when the fucking door is fucking lock at the wrong time.


okay. hoooosahhhhh.

on a lighter note, meals are taken much more better now albeit that diet hasn't started. YET.
nissin noodles + egg with orange juice.

for some people that are not in KL and have cravings for local food.
chili panmee (yes it's very likely not to look like it but whatever)
nasi goreng + telur mata kerbau
teh tarik + pretzel for tea time. hoho

i cannot see how the diet plan and the skinny jeans plan is going to fit in nor start but hey it's end of the world next year i need to stuff myself up with good food before i die.

now once again. going home late these days are very likely,
waiting for parents to pick me up and go for dinner. this is a plus point to my own pocket but once in a while dinner with family never hurt.

and speaking of zen.
we could pick up a lesson or two from my fellow pet.


Sunday, May 08, 2011

2 hearts - digitalism

oh indie bands and random shopping. yup, i got to do some retail therapy after the first week of work. maybe i should start taking photos of the new office.

previous office was based on open concept, this time pretty much the same but it's much more smaller. plus, everything is raw. they've got a reception table and pantry table concrete made and connected but the two sections are separated with a blind.

pretty cool. felt a little bit like the office where i have interned at. oh, memories. at least this time we have got ps3 with a nice lcd screen to pamper ourselves with. hee hee

so probably, next post would be the new office?

so back to indie bands, there is an indiefest going by Feyst. it would be ending only on the 10th so tomorrow is monday, fear not and head on down to no black tie where reza salleh and liyana fizi from estrella would perform. that is just one of those that are lined up for the night. check out the website here and you are good to go.

i've got my bit of the fest with fella friend and try to know more of my other half of the indonesian bit (inside joke, no worries i'm pure malaysian alright). we caught pesawat, crossing borders and the swedish duo called The Harvest.

you have to be surprised that pesawat actually sounded good live. mirage was heard and it was good. glad to hear that song again after a while.

so here they are pesawat.

and he rocks with his red vans too. good choice!!

second band we caught was crossing borders. personally, the vocals should be fixed but the guitars were ripping everything apart. their riffs are good.

and at the very end we stayed a little bit for the harvest. the live taste of swedish folk music and good guitar tabs.

they have good taste with shoes too.

yup in and on i'm a happy fish now. got their ep, heard them sang and got them to sign on the ep.

happy as i am.

week two of work to go on.


i mean, GO MAN UNITED!!!

Monday, May 02, 2011

angela surf city - the walkmen

So, it's the last night of myself being all laid back and think about nothing but what to eat for lunch on the next day.

Yes, my last day on being a bum is today and i still have a laptop to be cleaned up as I am blogging now. Since what was said to be picked up on a saturday didn't turned out and either any messages came to me about when it's going to be picked up.

And, sorry mother i'm gonng bust your electric bill for today. just a little. 3 laptops being on at the same time. mmm life.

how did the last of my so called bumming life ending?

high. i guess.
yup. went for switchfoot came and we went. we were pretty shocked that the venue was rather un-rock-gig-lookalike. setting was modest and all but by the end of everything it was awesome.
most of us were in chucks.
new friend.
macbeth doing their bit. check out the sales promoter. epic.
someone had bumped into another one with the same shoes.
gracing around with her one and only light stick in the whole gig where she recycled it from maroon 5's concert from the night before.

to be frank, that might just be the most kiasu gig i've ever been to not because of the crowd because the fact i was there 5 hours inclusive of 3 hours before the gig starts and 2 hours during the gig. i never stood this long for so long my back started aching. signs of aging indeed.

but we were there early with a purpose, our tickets were free standing on the front section and of course since we paid for it we need to get the best of what we paid for,


i'm happy to say it all paid off since we were at least the 5th row back to the max. (almost could touch jon foreman, just because everyone was pushing like mad from behind.)

since we were there early..
check out the crowd behind us. yup. happy that we're at the front but not that happy some kids just do not know how to bloody line up.

there were some delay in timing (since this is malaysia everything gets delayed other than debts) between the meet-and-greet session and soundcheck for both bands.

while they were sound checking everyone could hear or tell what song it was, pretty damn good too and the crowd started to sing along to it. nevermind about not getting to see them soundcheck, the fact we could hear how good was greater to none.

at 8pm or so the gates were opened. hurried up to the front. some last and final checkings were done. trust me even the sound check people from switchfoot were cooler than normal people or maybe it's just me. heh.

they had an opening act by the name of Bus Company or in short Busco click like on their facebook profile. i had doubts before them coming out i actually saw one of their cover songs in video i thought i didn't really like them but after their performance yesterday. changed my mind. in future i hope they keep rocking out like that night. without further a due,

they've aced 5 songs on-stage maybe a downside, i couldn't hear what he was singing but again probably is because we were just too up front in the crowd.

the sound was great.
busco in a whole (minus the bassist, he wasn't in the frame).
drummer beatboxes.

there the bassist. all by himself.

rocking to their every bit of glory to share the same stage as switchfoot.

busco also announced they will be releasing an album soon enough. so stay tuned to their news on facebook, twitter or maybe junk.

again head on to their facebook page have a listen some of their songs.

after a 5 song head start on how epic the night would be it was their turn to take on the stage and all of us was waiting for (some) 3 hours or (some) 30 minutes. it was them,

yes, them.

well apparently one of us had research thoroughly and gotten the setlist accurate. we could almost cry in and screamed even more since the set list was right and some of their better songs were played so well live.

i don't think i need to type anything anymore, for those who is reading this and was there let the pictures speak for themselves.

despite the pushing and an afro dude stood right in front of me, we sweat ourselves to the best things in the year.
here they are again. still i cannot get a decent picture of the keyboardist. damn it.

excuse the grainy photos. i'm only handling a G9 for the moment and maybe forever until i have the tendency to change a new one.

till the next great rock gig/concert. probably it would be incubus in july the 23rd.

they've greatly rocked us out till the last drip of our sweat.

\m/ YEAHHH!!

and god, tomorrow i've gotta start working again and be whiney also sad about life once more.